Why choose Hemp

Our Approach

Our team is both born and raised and 40 years living in Las Vegas, NV.

CBD of NV was established because we both wanted to be a part of something bigger that would help our community and those we love.

Our research will encompass how to introduce CBD Hemp into helping those that suffer from PTSD, male prostate issues and Alzheimer's.  Each disorder has touched our lives in a major way and we were excited to learn of the benefits that this plant could have on those around us and our community.

Hemp is proven to reduce or alleviate so many disorders in our bodies and our planet.  We hope to develop many strong allies and friends along the way that have the same passion and directives that we do.

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Meet the Team

We are passionate about developing the Hemp industry in Nevada and helping our state become one of the forefront developers for Hemp research and development.

Our lives have all been touched with loved ones or friends inflicted with debilitating ailments such as anxiety (PTSD), insomnia, male prostate and Alzheimer's. We just want to help our friends find a better way to tackle those issues. We truly believe that Hemp is the way.

Now, we are entering the next phase of growing and producing hemp. We will implement all past methods and some new ideas to energize the Hemp industry and create some new strains.

S Harris

Susan Harris


Susan was born and raised in Las Vegas and has lived here her whole life.  Suzie has developed businesses over the last 25 years and saw the opportunity to make a difference with this wondrous plant. She is involved with numerous community projects for Veterans and Alzheimer patients.

She has done a lot of research about Hemp and it's many benefits related to giving people a better quality of life.

"Getting involved with growing hemp has given me a purpose to help those that are suffering with chronic pain, anxiety and memory loss.  My mother and uncle both died from cancer from cancer from the radiation from the above-ground testing they conducted for years. My father passed last year from Alzheimer's. He served in the Vietnam war and suffered from PTSD and Agent Orange."  She decided she could make a difference, obviously not for those that are gone, but for those that suffer now.

"There are so many things we can do with Hemp to improve our state as well. The NV Test Site grounds are still polluted with the radiation from the tests they performed back in the latter part of the 2oth century. I hope to help turn the state back into a healthier place and help those that suffer from it still."


Lafayette Cordaro


Lafayette came to Las Vegas as a teenager. He owns and operates a body shop and has had many other various automotive endeavors and he has also had a thriving auto business since 1990. Quite the artist, he has custom painted cars and motorcycles for such people as Count Cool Rider, Dream Cars, and Danny Coker to name a few.

Lafayette is a long time grower and has over 30 years of experience.  His concept is simple: plant with the earth and only add things from the earth to assist the growing of Hemp into a rich and organic source.

He has over 30 years experience as an F1 grower. Lafayette started his growing experience in Northern California as a laborer for over 20 different cannabis farmers.  He worked his way up to be the lead grower for a few of them and then seized the opportunity to have his own farm. Having learned tried and true techniques and survived under severe circumstances, such as inclement weather, wild animals and the authorities, he succeeded where many others failed and completed four years of successful harvesting. Since his return to Las Vegas he has innovated new growing indoor methods which have proven extremely successful.

Next Steps...

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